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Harvest 2014 Summary


Harvest 2014 was a fast and furious one across Sonoma County. It started almost exactly as expected on August 11th which was slightly on the early side, but not exceptionally early. Surprisingly maturity came on fast in white grapes and the season was condensed into a solid three weeks in which most of our fruit was harvested. A trickle of whites continued into mid-September and most unusually only overlapped with our red grape harvest by a single day. This ‘clean break’ between white and red grape harvesting is somewhat of a luxury as it allows us to shift our focus entirely to harvesting the reds at optimal maturity.

Crop sizes were mixed with estimates varying from quite short to fairly over as compared to recent years, but not unexpectedly so as we have enjoyed two large vintages in a row. Berry size in both white and red grapes was smaller than typical so the ratio of skin to juice is high and should result in beautifully concentrated flavors. Our last picks were completed by October 1, and now the work in the cellars starts in earnest.

Thus far we are excited about our aromatic Sauvignon Blanc, spicy Zinfandel, brooding Merlot, and rich Cabernet Sauvignon ferments.