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Green Makes a Difference

Geyser Peak willingly and actively participates in the following daily disciplines to ensure we do our part in keeping our fragile eco-system in balance:

  • Recycling throughout the entire facility, from employee areas, the cellar and production
  • Our wine bottles are ‘Eco’ or Ecologically Friendly. 35-55% of the glass used is from recycled, or ‘cullet’ glass
  • Harvest byproducts, such as grape pumice and stems, are composted
  • Non-chlorinated cleaning chemicals are used in the winery
  • Ozone generators are used for sanitizing barrels and equipment
  • Waste water is redistributed
  • Recognized and certified by the Fish Friendly Farming practices
  • Recognized for our initiative in sustainable farming and vineyard practices by the Practical Winery & Vineyard, a 30-year-old, wine and vineyard industry journal that reaches 4,000 readers


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