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The Best of Both Worlds

We believe wine should enhance everyday moments. Our ambition is to produce wines that are accessible and appreciable to both connoisseur and novice. In striving to make the best wines possible, we craft wines that reflect their point of origin, we embrace the freedom to combine traditional Old World methods with New World innovations. We constantly research and seek out new techniques and wine making processes to test, evaluate, and elevate our winemaking to craft beautiful wines from the Sonoma County and other premium wine growing regions throughout California.

Blending with Style

Blending is the winemaker’s art and the technique by which we put a signature on the style of our wines. Our blending takes place in multiple stages throughout the cellar life of a wine to best enhance the subtlety and nuance of a particular wine. Some wines, such as our Meritage, are designed as blends of multiple varietals. Other wines, such as our Walking Tree Cabernet Sauvignon, start with a foundation of a single varietal with a small component of another varietal blended for intrigue. Balance, harmony, and complexity occur as a result of combining grape varieties, various vineyard sources, or different vineyard blocks into one final, finished wine.

We have the enviable luxury of sourcing many small parcels of top quality fruit, optimizing each and every lot. We achieve this through small lot vinification – keeping wines from each vineyard separate during the winemaking process. This not only enables us to better evaluate each vineyard site and adjust growing techniques from vintage to vintage, it also provides us a ‘spice rack’ from which to select blending components. Countless ‘bench trials’ are conducted in our blending room before blends are assembled in the cellar. This process ensures that no two vintages are ever exactly alike.


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